Customer Care

Tourism Industry

Do you know the value of tourism to Portsmouth ? If you work in a hotel, or run an ice-cream kiosk on the seafront, then it is clear that visitor numbers are vital to your business, but other businesses are also affected, because tourism has a huge knock-on effect. The owner of a small and successful bed-and-breakfast establishment employs (and pays) a part-time housekeeper. The housekeeper spends some of her earnings, once a month, at the hairdresser’s. Using some of that money, the hairdresser buys sausages from the local butcher.

The butcher does not work in the tourism industry, but take the guests out of that bed-and-breakfast establishment, and sausage sales will suffer. And if the butcher goes bust, the local residents lose out. Attracting more, and more frequent, visitors is vital to local economies and to the national economy.

And visitors, be they holidaymakers or day-trippers, want excellence in customer service. If you smile, they’re likely to come back; if you look miserable, they’ll go elsewhere (and that butcher will go out of business).

If people are treated well they will spend more, come back for more, and tell others about what a great place Portsmouth is – this all adds up to the improving the overall economy for the county – and protects jobs.

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