Customer Care

Welcome to the Customer Care course – you need to pass this before moving on to the others! This module is for everyone who works in tourism. It provides you with all the basics you need to make sure visitors receive the warmest possible welcome.

Once you have successfully completed this course there is a short quiz to complete.  You will then move on to learning more about Portsmouth.   Once you have completed both Customer Care and Portsmouth and passed both quizzes you will be a Portsmouth Champion and can print out your certificate.

So on to the first section!

Here you will learn some interesting facts about customer care – the importance of first impressions, how best to communicate with your visitors and what extra you can do that will make all the difference.

There are four lessons in this section, remember to read carefully and good luck!

Course Content

Lesson 1          Tourism Industry

Lesson 2          First Impressions

Lesson 3          Communication

Lesson 4          A fond farewell

Customer Care Quiz

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