Let us explain!

This is how you to complete the Portsmouth Champions course.

First you need to read a short module on Customer Care, and answer seven multiple choice questions on what you have read.  When you have passed this quiz, you should return here, to this page, where you can access a longer module on the City of Portsmouth.   The Portsmouth module is divided into the following five lessons covering:

Lesson 1          Visitor Attractions

Lesson 2         Accommodation, Food and Drink

Lesson 3         Transport

Lesson 4         Waterfront

Lesson 5         Culture, History and Events

Each of these is divided into several topics and you need to go through all of these to make sure you have covered the whole Portsmouth module.  There is a multiple choice quiz at the end.

Having been through both the Customer Care and Portsmouth Knowledge sections and finished both of the quizzes you will have completed the whole Portsmouth Champions course.  You can then print off a certificate to prove it!

We wish you luck on your journey – now click on the Customer Care course button below to get started.

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